Sempre que parlo amb les meves amigues acabo dient que “jo tampoc m’he enamorat mai” i per tant “no tinc molt a dir”, però no acaba de ser del tot cert. M’he enamorat milers de cops de milers de coses, però sobretot m’he enamorat sempre d’elles, una vegada darrere l’altra, i cada cop més fort. No cal que s’enterin mai que escric estes cursileries…

Però és bonic enamorar-se.

I’m going away for a while,

but I’ll be back don’t try to follow me,

'cause I'll return as soon as possible. 

See I’m trying to fins my place,

but it may not be here were I feel safe.

We all learn to make mistakes. 


The stunning Lindisfarne Gospels, which is the finest example of Insular art and which dates to around the year 715, is currently on display as the centrepiece of a beautiful exhibition at the Palace Green Library in Durham. Well worth visiting if you’re in the area.


this game is why I have trust issues

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“Heaven help me”

Like a prayer - Madonna

(O com me sento quan he d’estudiar Medieval - spatantike - mentre tothom pren el sol o està de festa perquè queda un sol puto dia per la Santa Setmana…)